The Company

"Our passion and commitment is dedicated to improving the quality of life. With great enthusiasm, we imagine, create, test and then put on the market sustainable products and services, to satisfy the needs of our generation without compromising the capability of the future generations to satisfy theirs."

(Marco Poggianella)

SOP is an Italian chemical company with its proprietary trade secret that allows it to provide extremely innovative products and services.

The Products

All the SOP products are produced in Italy and the raw materials are carefully selected by the SOP Research & Development team, to ensure maximum quality. SOP follows an experimentation process, with strict ISO standards, to ensure that the product is not put onto the market until its effectiveness has been carefully verified.

Maximum attention is paid to creating products which are a valid support to the horse during all competative disciplines and which maximise the horse's potential and athletic performance.

Furthermore, none of the supplements contain any prohibited substances and can, therefore, be used during the whole athletic life of the horse.


SOP has always had the wellbeing of animals at heart. For this reason, in addition to the formulation of its own products, SOP has been the sponsor of the vet. tech. team on the LONGINES GLOBAL CHAMPIONS TOUR for a number of years now. The team puts their services and the efficacy of the SOP products at the disposal of the best horse jumpers in the world.

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