The work of a farrier is often considered a simple job. It is, in fact, a real skill.

The farrier is, perhaps, one of the few professional figures that need to establish a special relationship with the horse in order to carry out their work in the best possible way, to guarantee a perfect equilibrium for the horse.

The diffusion of recreational and competitive horses, races organised on tarmac and a variety of other problems make it very difficult  to keep up with the multitude of negative effects for the horse and its mobility. 

Furthermore, hoof problems are often caused not only by trauma, but also to a malaise of the animal.

SOP offers the professionals of the sector, therefore, products that are specifically for the hoof and the wellbeing of the skin, as well as products for general wellbeing and the improvement of the horse's capacity to recover post-trauma or deal with stressful situations.

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