The exceptional efficacy of the SOP products, the modern design of the packaging which includes a label highlighting the quality and natural benefits of the products, mean that they are greatly appreciated by the customer, resulting in a high level of loyalty towards the products and the brand.

As the products are completely natural but, at the same time, innovative and effective, they offer the customer a long-lasting effect, without any risks, on the wellbeing of the horse. 

It is exactly this aspect, the long-term safeguarding of the horse's wellbeing, that makes it possible for the SOP Horse products to also positively influence the horse's performance, rendering the products particularly useful for athletes as well as owners.

At the moment, SOP is found in only a few in shops and stables, but if you are a retailer, tack shop or chemist that might be interested in promoting our products, please contact us and we can evaluate possible collaboration!

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