Studs and stables

A number of SOP solutions are particularly suitable for improving the management of stables:

By using the SOP products for the stable environment, it is possible to obtain:

  • an improvement in stable hygiene, with less odor and fewer insects
  • drier bedding, with savings in material quantity
  • benefits for the horses' hooves, which suffer less from contact with damp bedding, maintaining a good quality hoof
  • savings in manpower for cleaning out operations.

By treating the manure heap, it is possible to minimise odor, insects and the volume of the manure itself, promoting more rapid composting and an optimisation of storage space.

Furthermore, the direct use of the SOP Horse products in the stables will be much appreciated by the customers, because they are:

  • natural
  • innovative
  • easy to use, with a generally pleasant taste
  • without side-effects
  • evidently effective.

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