Today, the vet is becoming more and more important, but it is a complicated figure to manage.

The work of the equine veterinarian primarily involves the capacity to give competent and rapid advice to the athlete or owner of the horse. A large number of new products, new active principles, but also new laws regulating them, make it difficult for today's specialists to be able to offer long term solutions to those asking for practical and safe solutions.  

On the other hand, natural and, therefore, safe treatments but which are of dubious efficacy or which are not supported by adequate research are a risk for the credibility of the specialist.

For this reason, being able to count on natural, safe products, based on an innovative technology which has been tested by some of the best universities in the world, means having an additional, safe and effective work tool which will be able to give the best possible support to the horse and rider in satisfying their every day needs.

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